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What is Tordoffs?” I am usually asked. “Scandinavian,” I usually reply, “and also my family name.”

It appears that my ancestors decided to take a boat trip from Norway to the North of England. It transpires that almost all Tordoffs are traders of some nature, or another our trade is “Purveyors of bespoke and fine wines & gifts”.

At Tordoffs we have a long tradition of service that extends to all our clients big or small. Tordoffs concierge service leaves that feeling that is only given when you know that someone cares about what you want, and how you want it to be delivered. With almost 95 % of our work being bespoke, Tordoffs is unique and yours. 

Although Tordoffs are a luxury gift service we see luxury as a word that describes the service you deserve. With Tordoffs you receive or send a gift that is entirely unique to you and your loved one. The very essence of bespoke means that Tordoffs are creating gifts that will be treasured, remembered, and talked about for years to come. 

All our gifts are made to order and carefully curated by our specialised team. Each gift is then packed by hand to ensure your gift is made to your requirements and the highest standard. The fine details are what matters to us. With our dedicated team paying attention to every detail to guarantee the best quality for you and our planet. 

Tordoffs are working to become a fully sustainable company to control our output. We have made big changes to ensure your gift is good for everyone; our ribbons are now made from re-cycled plastic bottles, our outer packaging is fully re-cyclable, our inner packing chips are dissolvable in water, our inks are even water based and our flower wrapping is cellulose not cellophane. We have also partnered with only likeminded companies who share our passion for our environment & planet. 

We know how busy our customers are and have an easy to use order system, adding multiple addresses template & excel spreadsheets to upload. So you know your costs DELIVERY IS COMPLIMENTARY to UK mainland.

At Tordoffs we are committed to our community and are members and supporters of Social Enterprise. We recognise the importance to create a network of suppliers whom all in turn give life changing opportunities to all kinds of people. For example, Tordoffs work with the Trussell Trust by donating spare foods that best benefit the trusts needs rather than off-loading unwanted stocks with very little nutritional values to the end users. We believe in giving to our clients and those who need us.

To answer my question, what is Tordoffs? Maybe the question should be- who are Tordoffs? We are your personal gift service who believe in giving you the best products to celebrate life and make memories with those who mean the most. A team dedicated to making a difference with gift giving.




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We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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